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Charles Milles Manson
Here is a small section of some artwork done by Charles Manson in December 2000. Note his obsession with crossed circles just like Zodiac had.

Manson's Handprint

Manson letter written 12.20.71

This following letter to the FBI was no doubt written by a Family member - probably "Squeaky" Fromme. It has some Zodiac-like characteristics. The "Dear Sir" salutation is like the use of "Sirs" on the "Citizen" postcard of 05/08/74. Ending with "Yours truly" is similar to the "yours truely" used on the Exorcist note of 01/29/74. Zodiac used dry humor occasionally like the poor attempt at using humor in the P.S. to this letter. It seems this was written by someone who knew about how Zodiac would write his letters a couple of years later.

Here is a directly quoted conversation Chet Starkey had with Tex Watson while Starkey was incarcerated at the California Men's Colony in San Luis Obispo. This was printed in the March 1978 issue of Headquarters Detective magazine. In this conversation Watson details what Helter Skelter was all about and what was supposed to happen.

A recently uncovered British newspaper article about Joel Dean Pugh's "suicide" there on December 1, 1969.


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