The Zodiac / Manson Connection

What's In a Name

"This is the Zodiac speaking" is the way the Northern California serial killer began some of his correspondence with the media and others. Why did he select this name? What is in this name? The following are some of the possible reasons Dr. Howard Davis gives in his book, "The Zodiac / Manson Connection":
The Zodiac killer may have had a belief in astrology. Some professional astrologers see evidence of this within the timing of the Zodiac murders and letter dates.

The zodiac represents the 12 signs or "classes" of humanity. He is relaying his message to those 12 classes by his actions.

Part of his code symbols, as pointed out by author Robert Graysmith, were taken from the 15th century zodiac alphabet and were used in his first code.

Ford made a car called the Zodiac in the 1960s. It was used as a police car in England. See the This Is The Zodiac Speaking site for a photo of this car. Note it's Zodiac like crossed circle hood ornament. The chief suspect named in "The Zodiac / Manson Connection" loved England and had traveled there at least twice.

There was a company called the Zodiac Paper Co. just down the street from where the chief suspect named in "The Zodiac / Manson Connection" lived.

There was a black music group from Tennessee in the 1960s called the "Zodiacs." "The Zodiac / Manson Connection" chief suspect was from Tennessee.

There was a well known watch in the 1960s called the Zodiac watch.

Some have seen that the Zodiac had a penchant for the letter "z". Manson also had a penchant for the letter "z". He called candy "zuzus"; He called a child "zezozoze zadfrack"; A follower was named "Zero." Manson referred to z "as the last in line" and related that philosophically. He also mentioned a "Z Team" that he had doing his bidding.

"The Zodiac / Manson Connection" book has many more connections and much more information.


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