Zodiac killed for no apparent reason


On October 30, 1966, a dark alley in Riverside, California echoed with the dying screams of 18-year-old Cheri Jo Bates. Many authorities believe that the man responsible for this unsolved murder later became the infamous Zodiac Serial Killer of Northern California.

On December 20, 1968 a series of attacks began in Northern California when a man gunned down two teenagers in Benica, California. By the end of 1969 there were five known murder victims and two survivors attributable to attacks made by the Zodiac - a name coined by the killer himself in a letter he wrote to the Vallejo Times-Herald newspaper. In letters he wrote over a nine-year-period, he claimed responsibility for over three dozen murders although the real Zodiac "tally" is in doubt.

Despite dedicated police and FBI investigations, and the emergence of over 2,000 suspects, no one has ever been prosecuted for these crimes, let alone even arrested! To this day the "Crime of the Century" remains unsolved, and the Zodiac Serial Killer is considered by some even more mystifying and elusive than Jack the Ripper.

"The Zodiac / Manson Connection" explores the strong possibility that Charles Manson was the mastermind of the Zodiac crime spree and that it was carried out by some members of the Manson Family to promote his "Helter Skelter" or revolution. Two key witnesses speak for the first time and confirm the chief suspect's identity. This amazing book, written in the form of a fascinating report, offers insights into why:

~Zodiac killed for no apparent reason.

~Zodiac wrote so many letters and cards to various


~Those letters and cards indicate Manson Family


~The cities of Benicia and Vallejo, California were

chosen for two separate attacks.

~The Beatles songs provided inspiration for the

Zodiac’s crimes.

~A 19-year-old girl and her friend were murdered in

an alley in 1969.

~A previously unknown Zodiac letter is connected to

this double murder.

~A young man was murdered in a London, England

hotel in 1969.

~Zodiac wrote to the Los Angeles Times newspaper

in 1971.

This and much more new information that confirms the author's research included with every book.


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