List of types of killing

Killing of self
  • Suicide – intentional killing of self.
    • Autocide – suicide by automobile.
    • Medicide – a suicide accomplished with the aid of a physician.
    • Murder-suicide – a suicide committed immediately after one or more murders.
    • Self-immolation – suicide as a form of protest, often by fire
    • Suicide by cop – acting in a threatening manner so as to provoke a lethal response from law enforcement.
Killing of other people
All of these are considered types of homicide.
Killing of family
  • Avunculicide - the act of killing an uncle. (Avunculus being Latin for uncle, specifically a maternal uncle)
  • Familicide – is a multiple-victim homicide where a killer's spouse and children are slain.(Familia being Latin for family)
  • Filicide – the act of a parent killing his or her son or daughter. (Filius being Latin for son)
  • Fratricide – the act of killing a brother, also in military context death by friendly fire. (Frater being Latin for brother)
  • Geronticide – the abandonment of the elderly to die, commit suicide or be killed. See also Senicide.
  • Honour killing – the act of killing a family member who has or was perceived to have brought disgrace to the family.
  • Infanticide – the act of killing a child within the first year of its life.
  • Mariticide – the act of killing one's husband.
  • Matricide – the act of killing one's mother. (Mater being Latin for mother)
  • Neonaticide – the act of killing an infant within the first twenty-four hours or month (varies by individual and jurisdiction) of its life.
  • Nepoticide – the act of killing one's nephew
  • Parricide – (also parenticide) the killing of one's mother or father or other close relative.
  • Patricide – the act of killing of one's father. (Pater being Latin for father)
  • Prolicide – the act of killing one's own children.
  • Senicide – the killing of one's elderly family members when they can no longer work or become a burden. (Senex being Latin for old man)
  • Siblicide – the killing of an infant individual by its close relatives (full or half siblings)
  • Sororicide – the act of killing one's sister.(Soror being Latin for sister)
  • Uxoricide – the act of killing one's wife (Uxor being Latin for wife)
Killing of others


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