The dead man was found in a burning car. Now Durham police are looking for this man.

Durham police are seeking a fourth suspect in the death of a man found shot in a burning car last summer. Police have filed charges against Joshua Bernard McClain, 27, of Durham in the July 26 death of Ly Teng Nhiayi of California. McClain had not been arrested as of Wednesday morning, police said. Nhiayi was found dead inside a burning car in the 5000 block of Guardian Drive around 9:30 p.m., according to police. An autopsy determined Nhiayi had been shot.

19-year-old from El Salvador shot, killed in Memphis

A manhunt is underway for whoever killed 19-year-old Mauricio Merlos from El Salvador on Sunday morning in Memphis. I spoke with his brother in Spanish and translated what he shared with us for you.

Florida bank shooting suspect charged with murder

                       The gunman who killed five people at a bank in Sebring, Florida , has been charged with five counts of first degree murder in what authorities said appears to be a “random act”.

The Channel Nine Letter's Envelope

The postmark is 5/2/78 from Anaheim, CA. Bruce Davis lived in Anaheim in 1964. He then moved to Riverside in 1966 finally leaving there in November of that same year. Only one stamp is used on this letter. A popular assumption made is that Zodiac always used double postage on his letters. In keeping with Zodiac's 11/9/69 decision to "change" his ways, he also used only one stamp on the 6/26/70, 7/24/70, 10/5/70, 10/27/70, 1/29/74, 2/14/74 and 7/8/74 letters.

Eric Zelms Related Information

Since the time that researchers began delving into this case it has been hotly debated whether or not two San Francisco police officers talked to Zodiac on the night of 10.11.69 after cab driver Paul Stine was murdered. Zodiac claimed this actually happened in his 11.09.69 letter to the San Francisco Chronicle:

The Manson Family Page

Charles Milles Manson Here is a small section of some artwork done by Charles Manson in December 2000. Note his obsession with crossed circles just like Zodiac had.

Letters and Articles

1. Open Letter to Bruce Davis' Parole Board by Barbara Hoyt