Murder Suspect Arrested

On Wednesday, February 2, 2022, Pomona Police Detectives arrested 37-year-old Donald Moore, a male resident of Pomona, for the murder of 35-year-old Enrique Falcon of Apple Valley.


Arizona, Major Correctional Facilities

Arizona, Major Correctional Facilities

Helen Allen; Louis Cox; Russell Ramos; Shawn Barrett; Kim Jenkins; James Jones; Robert Chambers; Nicole Harris; John Day; Susan Summers; John Gilbert; Frances Ferguson; Shirley Edwards; Willie Jones; Mark Martinez; Theresa Wood; Jane Harrison; Billy Sims; Richard Barrett; Jean Moody; Joe Reid; Jane Turner; Marion Gilbert; Adrian Lawrence; Jerome Howell; Debra Walker; Michael Parker; Karen Wagner; Linda Rodriguez; Herman Simpson; Kathy Valdez; Grace Thompson; Robert McGuire; Charles Harris; Jackie Coleman; Glenn Hernandez; Lois Clark; Julie Garcia; Renee Lynch; Brittany Johnson; Pearl White; Lydia McCarthy; Gary Goodwin; Charles Russell; Julio Hudson; Leon Green; Robert Gonzalez; Janet Cruz; Deborah Smith; Michael Cooper; Lori Ramos; William Watts; Thomas Dixon; James Lewis; Debra Brooks; James Cruz; Shirley Jones; Mary Moore; Bruce Willis; Francisco Floyd; Sonia Hanson; Tiffany Harris; Michael Johnson; George Warren; Debra Barnes; Marilyn Morales; Nicholas Simmons; Jimmie Jones; Kathleen Bell; Paul White; Mary Gordon; David Collins; Brittany Edwards; Margaret Johnson; Arthur Cook; Patricia Ferguson; Nancy Hayes; Audrey Weber; Donald Stevenson; Renee Martinez; Bob Robinson; Carl Floyd; Jeffrey Diaz; Melvin Hardy; John Henry; Lillian Hicks; Nellie Guerrero; Linda Smith; Mike Adams; Thelma Russell; Robert Henry; Robert Smith; Sally Brown; Michael Jones; Eleanor Fields; William Anderson; Charles Allen; Willie Davis; Ronald Stewart; Joseph Sanchez


Teenagers jailed for boy's shooting murder

Keon Lincoln died in hospital after he was shot and stabbed in Birmingham in January
A 14-year-old has been jailed for at least 16 years for murdering schoolboy Keon Lincoln, who was shot and stabbed outside his home.
The 15-year-old was attacked by a group of youths on Linwood Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, in January.


Inmate Roster - Search By Name

Carlsen, Dalton Alexander
Booking #:20211821
Booking Date:11-15-2021 - 12:09 pm
Prior BXSO Bookings:5



Inmate Roster

 Crespo, Ernesto Edward

Booking #:20211869
Age: 28
Booking Date:11-26-2021 - 5:16 pm
Prior BXSO
Bond:    $0.00

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